Tis the season!

Director Andreas Hafele braved the cold, put on his gloves and travelled to a glacier 3500 meters high to shoot a spot for Austrian agency STMS promoting Stubai’s commitment as the number one family destination in the alps. Click here to view.

Imagining Imagicademy

Director Anthony Dalesandro teams up again with Disney Consumer Products & the Disney Channel to create their launch spot for Disney's innovative new Imagicademy App.  A big thanks to uber AD Miles Johnstone for his stellar shoot matrix!

Peanut Butter Tricks!

How do you get shelter pets to love you even more?  Peanut butter, the choice of animal trainers everywhere!  Director Anthony Dalesandro, the Disney Consumer Products team and a wonderful cast of children enjoyed endless licks of affection from rescued cats and dogs for the latest PSA for Disney's Palace Pets Campaign.

PSE Returns to LIVE @ Sunset Marquis

Andrew Gant returns to shoot one night of the prestigious concert series at the beautiful Sunset Marquis. LIVE is a summer concert series held by the pool every other friday night at the hotel. It's goal is to give back to the industry by profiling new artists through a hip, fun, and exciting night of acoustic jams. Last year, PSE completed a full montage of LIVE 2013 that profiled over 20 different artists at the event. Enjoy the video we put together for our one night out featuring Clare Reynolds, Emmanuel Jal, X Factor's Alex and Sierra, and Downtown Judy Brown!

Flying High With No ID

Director Andrew Gant's latest video for American rock and blues duo 7Horse whose previous song "Meth Lab Zoso Sticker" was featured in the Martin Scorcese film The Wolf of Wall Street . The Flying High video was inspired by a real event that the band experienced! 

Live at Sunset Marquis 2014

Director Andrew Gant returns to the grounds of Los Angeles' quintessential home away from home for the world's greatest rockstars, The Sunset Marquis Hotel and Villas, with a short piece for their summer music series. 

Over three million views for this critical message.

David Kerr's "Playthings" for Evolve Inc is enjoying a viral explosion with global critical acclaim. “Our PSA is humorous, but the message is serious. Parents need to take ownership of safety in the house. If you don’t want kids to play with it, put it away – it’s up to you to keep your stuff locked up. We’re using humor to cut through political correctness and deliver a simple message. Americans can have a serious conversation about firearm safety that doesn’t devolve into a political abyss,” Evolve Together co-founder Rebecca Bond said in a statement.   Check out the latest reviews in Time magazine, the Huffington Post, the Washington Post, CBS.

ESPN and ABC breaking the mold with the NBA

ESPN and ABC have chosen director and artist Richard Swarbrick to create a series of Vines which chart the drama and exhiliaration of the NBA Conference Series and Finals as they happen.

Swarbrick’s dynamic Vines are created overnight from his studio in the heart ot London, hand-painted, animated and then sent back to the US for release in under twelve hours, all to coincide with post game buzz and reports.  

Take a look at these works of art at https://vine.co/espn where they are released daily.  Music is by Empathy Test.

Two great reviews can also be accessed here from Fansided and here from the Bleacher report. 

Kush Pops Very Popular!

Indie Rockers 7Horse collaborated with director Andrew Gant on a video for their new single "Flying High With No ID".  7Horse whose last single was selected by Martin Scorcese for inclusion in his masterpiece "The Wolf of Wall Street"  are aiming high with this next single - literally!  Check back for details on the video's premiere.